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Bid Farewell to Neuropathy Pain with Our Groundbreaking Fitnus NeuroStim

  •   Advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy and soothing massage
  •   Rejuvenates, Regenerates, and Relieves
  •   Reducing inflammation and aiding in the recovery of tired muscles
  •   Relief Exactly Where You Need It
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Shoulder and Neck
Upper and Lower Back
Thighs, Knees, & Calves
Ankles and Feet
Get Up and Get Moving Again
Tired of letting creaky muscles, joints, and neuropathy pain rule your life? Fitnus NeuroStim can target what ails you and gets you up and moving again. Enjoy that retirement you’ve always dreamed of!
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Perfect for Athletes and the Gym
EMS Therapy is ideal for reducing inflammation and aiding in the recovery of tired muscles. You’ll feel stronger because you ARE stronger!
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Relief Exactly Where You Need It
Fitnus NeuroStim can go virtually anywhere on your body, providing deep, soothing stimulation and relief. It’s your personal traveling masseuse and pain relief specialist!
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High Quality Massage and Wellness
Fitnus NeuroStim was designed and built by the health science experts at Fitnus. The build quality is world class, and the fit and finish are second to none. Buy with complete confidence.
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What are Customers Saying About Fitnus NeuroStim

Exceeded Expectations
This EMS massager has exceeded my expectations in managing muscle aches and pains. I never thought a device like this could make such a difference, but it truly does. It's become my go-to solution for staying active and pain-free, and I can't imagine my life without it.
Ken Marks Verified customer
Life Saver for My Back Pain!
This EMS massager has been a lifesaver for my back pain. I used to rely on ibuprofen, but this device has proven to be a more effective and healthier alternative. I can't express how grateful I am to have found a solution that not only works but also promotes overall well-being.
Betty James Verified customer
Muscles Feel Revitalized
As someone who prioritizes natural approaches to health, I was thrilled to discover this EMS device. It's a game-changer for me as I navigate the challenges of aging. My muscles feel revitalized, and I've found a new level of comfort that I thought was out of reach.
Sherry Eason Verified customer
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Questions and Answers

What Benefits Does EMS Therapy Have?
EMS Therapy (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a safe, proven process that stimulates muscles, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and promote circulation and healing.
Does This Feel Like a Massage?
Yes! There are several settings that change the vibration and intensity, and can feel like a deep, relaxing massage.
Will This Work for Me?
Everyone is different, but EMS therapy is embraced by the medical community as being incredibly effective. In addition we encourage you to read the reviews to see how many people swear by this. We also have a 30-Day Guarantee to protect you.
How Fast Can I Get Mine?
Our US-based warehouses are humming along, and we’re shipping as fast as we can. Order today to get yours as soon as possible, and also take advantage of the 50% discount.
How Long will Fitnus NeuroStim be 50% Off?
The 50% Off is a viral special we are testing. The goal is to get Fitnus NeuroStim to as many customres as possible, in the shortest time possible. And we’ll let word of mouth do the rest. At this writing we are nearing the end, so if you want 50% OFF, get it now.
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